Multifamily Rewards andEngagement.

INCENTCOLiving offers a suite of engagement tools to create resident and employee programs designed to influence and reward desired behaviors through an engaging gamified points-based platform.

Various Solutions To CREATE

Performance-based programs for your employees or residents

Cloud Incentives eliminates rent concessions and the expense, admin hassle, lack of financial control and customer service challenges of legacy gift card programs.
Move-in incentives
Resident referrals
Service recovery/conflict resolution
Reputation management
Review incentives
...and much more
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!MPACT is an invaluable resident engagement tool enabling you to connect and engage with your residents.
Resident communication
Corporate and property resident messaging
Promote resident satisfaction programs
Reputation management
Survey submission
...and much more
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Increase employee retention, engagement and performance with multiple gamification features to address your organizations goals and challenges.
Peer to Peer Rewarding
Intra-Platform Recognition Wall
Track Goal Progress
Performance Leaderboards
Survey & Spot Survey Submission
...and much more
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INCENTCO technology has proven to be a valuable resource for student housing companies both big and small.
No per bed or per unit fees
Replaces physical reward cards with a ‘student friendly’ on-line solution
Issue rewards manually or with bulk uploads
Integrate with PMS vendors for auto rewarding
...and much more
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All INCENTCO applications are easy to use and implement. There is no software to install and a large IT commitment is not required. Programs can be managed manually or fully automated for hands free administration. Multiple setup options can be utilized to mirror any company’s organizational structure and culture. INCENTCO team members do 99% of program setup with simple programs being implemented in 30 days or less.


Program setup mirrors organization’s hierarchy
Permissions-based platform access
Run multiple programs; budgets, locations from one dashboard
Real-time reporting and performance metrics
Engagement and performance dashboards
Reward approval and financial controls
Unlimited program reward events and messaging
Performance monitoring and participant collaboration
Custom messaging with branding controls
Individual, bulk and auto-rewarding capabilities
Multiple integration options
Mobile responsive web administration
Custom options available

A ‘1 Stop Shop’ for Engagement and Rewards

INCENTCO technology enables you to create robust engagement programs for your employees AND your residents. Whether you use one or all INCENTCO applications, your goals and objectives are sure to yield a successful outcome.