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We have been doing this for a long time, so we know most of the answers to your questions. Take a look below for our frequently asked questions. If you have one that is not listed below, contact us and we can answer your question.

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INCENTCO founders and leadership team are comprised of business, technology and management professionals from a variety of industries. INCENTCO technology was developed based upon firsthand experience in dealing with the challenges of keeping an organization motivated and productive.

What does INCENTCO’s technology offer?

INCENTCO’s cloud-based platforms are designed to provide businesses the ability to easily implement a simple engagement, recognition and rewards or comprehensive performance management program in a gamified environment.

What resources are required to implement INCENTCO programs?

Very little! Most programs can be implemented with little to no client IT resources. Platform integration, custom development or dedicated resources are not required.

Why is INCENTCO different?

INCENTCO is the only platform that offers everything required for a complete performance management and engagement program in one easy-to-use platform. INCENTCO technology eliminates the need for multiple vendors which creates efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Is INCENTCO technology gamified?

INCENTCO technology offers multiple gamification options including Peer-to-Peer, Leaderboards, ‘Goal Tracker’, intra-platform social media wall and more. INCENTCO platforms can also serve as a communication portal for company news, events and recognition.

Can INCENTCO technology be automated?

Programs can be completely automated, administered manually or a combination of both. The INCENTCO team does 99% of the work to set up your program and to keep it running smoothly.

Can INCENTCO programs be branded?

Of course! INCENTCO’s ‘AIR’ platform serves as a simple on-line rewards platform enabling you to give incentives and rewards with the click of a mouse eliminating the hassle of physical gift cards or outdated product catalogs.

Can INCENTCO programs be branded?

All components of the INCENTCO platform are white-label ready including program website and URL, participant home page, graphics, imaging, content and all participant electronic communication.

Why is INCENTCO’s approach to incentives unique?

Our model is to offer unlimited choice and instant rewards and recognition. Participants can earn rewards with monetary value via points; with non-monetary recognition badges or both. Participants can redeem their points in real time to purchase whatever they want from the nation’s leading on-line and big box retailers via a typical consumer transaction. There is no waiting for physical gift cards or predetermined product catalogs. INCENTCO also has the capabilities of fulfilling incentives in over 80 countries.

Are reports and analytics included?

INCENTCO offers a suite of real time reports and analytics that enable our clients to create a comprehensive performance management program. Clients can create custom hierarchies that mirror their organization whether it be one or multiple business units and/or locations.
Permissions-based access enables managers to determine what program specifics and reporting can be accessed.

Can INCENTCO technology be used for customer programs too?

All INCENTCO platforms can be used for either employee or customer programs. In fact, many INCENTCO clients use the platform for both.

How quickly can INCENTCO programs be implemented?

Most programs can be implemented in 30-60 days. No major resources or time commitments are required. Typical INCENTCO programs do not require development or customization fees and there are no long-term contract commitments.