Resident Engagement Technology

!MPACT is an invaluable resident engagement tool enabling you to connect and engage with your residents. !MPACT enables you to reward points for activities or events that are in alignment with property or corporate objectives. IMPACT offers a host of engagement features enabling you to engage with your residents for positive reviews, resident referrals and more.

Use Cases

Resident Communication

Reputation Management

Corporate Messaging

Survey Submission

Resident messaging

Promotes Resident Feedback

Resident Satisfaction

Promote Resident Programs


Resident referral submission and tracking
Branded communication
Performance dashboards
Intraplatform recognition wall
Survey submission
Links to popular review sites
Post newsletters and corporate content
Event calendars
Share team photos and bios
Award points and/or recognition badges
Reward Cloud Integrated for Real-Time Redemption
Downloadable mobile app from Google Play and Apple app store


On The Go!

INCENTCO’s innovative mobile app provides a complete engagement experience on any mobile device. Reward notifications, point balances, business referrals, peer collaboration, Reward Cloud redemptions and more all happen in the palm of your hand.